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Every movement needs new songs to sing. Convergence Music Project is a collaboration of musicians, artists, congregational leaders and denominations to curate and distribute beautiful congregational music with life-giving, progressive theology. We believe Jesus' life models love, grace and hope to everyone - absolutely everyone - and we want to sing songs that are true to our experience of this just and generous God.



The Convergence Music Project (CMP)

Welcome to the Convergence Music Project!  We’re delighted you’ve found your way to this site, and eager to help you understand what this new company is about and what we have to offer you!

Special Note (1/14/17):  Thanks especially to those of you who have already purchased the Early Adopter Membership!  We want you to know that we're aware that there have been several frustrating technological glitches that have thrown off our initial timeline.  We are extending the Early Adopter Membership beta testing period through March 31, 2017.  The good news is that most of the problems have been addressed and we are now finally ready to get this process fully functional.  So if you are an Early Adopter, you can expect to be hearing from us very soon and the value added features are about to become fully active.  If your login information is not working or if you have not yet received an email explaining all the features of the Early Adopter Membership please let us know via email ( or call Bryan Sirchio at (608) 577-8716 for an update. Your patience is appreciated more than we can say, and we are working hard to make sure things are working smoothly.  Please be in touch if you're having any problems or questions.  

We’re in the beginning stage of this launch and will be implementing our overall vision in phases.  Please view the Convergence Music Project video below to learn more about CMP and what this site has to offer you.  And, it's not too late to become an Early Adopter Member if you are not yet in this circle.  Read more about this Early Adopter Membership by selecting the icon below, and we'll look forward to hearing from you! 

Featured Artist of the Month

Mark Miller

Featured Music

Deliver Us
--By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan


Together In This
--By: David Lunsford


Surrounded By Love
--By: Mark Miller


Break Our Hearts Again
--By: Paul Demer