CMP’s Anti-Racism Charter (December, 2020)

CMP is committed to being an anti-racist organization.

We denounce white supremacy and are committed to practicing anti-racism.

Trying to learn how institutional racism has corrupted our freedom and sabotaged loving relationships with our neighbors, we read books, watch films, and listen carefully to understand the systemic injustice that Black, Indigenous and People of Color have experienced and continue to experience daily and unrelentingly.

As we learn, we act to change our personal ways of thinking, our institutional inertia, our organizational structure and practices, and our unjust social policies.

We reject the cultural norms that associate Black, Indigenous and People of Color as less than fully human.

We are committed to and actively working to include more BIPOC leaders, staff, stake holders and owners at the heart of our organization, and more music created by BIPOC songwriters and artists.

We are committed to paying all staff and artists equitably and to practicing anti-racist financial compensation in every aspect of our organization.

We practice resistance by talking openly and regularly about our commitment to being an anti-racist organization, by marching, sitting, voting, writing, singing, and making music available that helps communities embrace and embody an understanding of the Gospel and Spirit-Centered living that is essentially and deliberately anti-racist.

We are trying to be a part of God’s work for justice, anti-racism, equity, repair and restoration in every part of our personal and organizational lives.  We aren’t doing it perfectly, but we are seriously and prayerfully committed to this process.  We make mistakes, sometimes fail miserably, but we are committed to owning our errors as soon as we are aware of them, apologizing, making amends in the most tangible ways possible, and learning and growing and doing better.
As long as whiteness is considered normative and the central locus of power, we are explicitly called to these commitments.