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The Convergence Music Project (CMP)

Thanks so much for finding your way to the CMP website! 

The best way to learn more about The Convergence Music Project and who is involved is to watch this brief video in which CMP’s lead designer Bryan Sirchio explains the what this exciting new initiative is all about. “Convergence Music Project Video"

We are currently in our initial launch stage, and are excited to be offering a very special Annual Subscription Membership.. It is an extraordinary value—members receive access to every song and related product on our site for over a year!

You can also purchase downloads of songs individually as a non-member or “General” price. To do that just select the “Find Songs” tab on the Home page.

What is CMP all about? Succinctly, it’s about creating a sound track for what many of us are now calling the “Convergence Christian Movement” (often formally referred to as the Progressive Christian Movement)

CMP is about great new songs of all kinds and musical styles for worship that reflect the theology and transforming biblically based agenda at the heart of Convergence Christianity. To learn more about Convergence Christianity please check out these links;

Worship Leaders: Imagine an online source of music for worship that you won’t have to filter in order to find language and theology that fits your more progressive or “Convergence” perspective!!

Songwriters: Imagine a Christian Music company that WANTS your most progressive, justice-loving, welcoming, earth-honoring, and radically inclusive lyrics! Submit your songs for consideration on our website here!

Pictured in this collage from left to right: Row 1: Cameron Trimble, Christopher Grundy, Ana Hernandez, Fran McKendree. Row 2: Rev. Otis Moss III, Worship band "The Many" featuring Hannah Rand, Darren Calhoun, and Leslie Michelle, Brian McLaren. Row 3: Ken Medema, Mark Miller, Andra Moran. Row 4: Paul Demer, Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan, Bryan Johnson, Bryan Sirchio.

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If you have questions or thoughts about anything connected to CMP, please contact us through the contact tab on this site. You can also be in touch by visiting our Facebook Page and joining the conversations that are already happening there. Our Official Launch Date: August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 is the date we are targeting for our official launch, which means that our initial product offering will be available for purchase by then and our website will feature some of the songs and artists we are most enthused to promote as we bring CMP to the marketplace.
Thanks so much for checking us out and we’ll look forward to hearing from you and to providing you and your community with some amazing new songs to help you “sing your faith” with passion, integrity, and joy.
Bryan Sirchio and the CMP organizing team