CMP Annual Subscription Memberships

Thanks for your interest in joining us as a CMP Member!

Annual Membership is easy to understand and a FANTASTIC VALUE!

Quite Simply... Members have access to every song and related product (lead sheets, piano arrangements, etc.) on the site at no additional charge!  That means the whole site is yours to use as long as your membership is current.

The Cost:  $199/yr.  (Monthly billing will soon be offerred so be in touch if this would be your preference)

Small Church Discount:  $149/yr.  Congregations smaller than 100 members receive a 25% discount which brings the cost down to $149/yr.   (contact CMP Lead Designer Bryan Sirchio at or call at (608) 577-8716 to get this discount code sent to you immediately. 

What About Copyright and Licensing?  Select Here for all details regarding Copyright and Song Use Permission

Annual Subscription Members will also receive:

  • 25% Discount on Entrance Fees to all CMP live events: CMP will host at least one live retreat, workshop, or gathering annually. The next upcoming event will take place hopefully in the fall of 2022.  Our live events have been on hold because of the pandemic.
  • An Ongoing Community and Movement of Artistic Generosity and Justice: CMP has come into being because we passionately desire to provide great new music and liturgical resources for congregations and for the world.  We are going to be constantly looking for ways to equip our members and to generously offer as much value and creative resourcing to our members as we possibly can!  For example, if there is some act of injustice or tragedy that strikes the world, our members may receive an email from us that will suggest a song—perhaps one written that day—that can be used in the context of a vigil or worship service the next Sunday.

Please contact CMP director Bryan Sirchio ( or 608-577-8716) if you have any questions regarding Annual Subscription Membership, or any suggestions for ways in which we can create greater value for our members.

We’re excited beyond words to nurture this membership and make it something powerfully creative, inspiring, and helpful to our participating congregations.

Join us now!