Thriving, Joy, Gratitude, Thanksgiving, Celebration

  1. A Dedication
    By: Lea Morris

    This simple chant by new CMP artist Lea Morris sings the intention to dedicate our lives, homes and all we do to bringing more joy, love and peace into this beautiful creation. Learn More

  2. Amazing Things
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This song was written to go with the "Day 2" theme of the "Beyond Belief" Outdoor Ministries 2018 Curriculum. The Scripture for the day is Luke 1: 35-55 (the angel's visitation to Mary announcing she had been chosen to give birth to the Christ). The theme for the day is, "What if God is Bigger?" This song helps underscore that God's capacity to enable us to do "amazing things" in this world is unlimited when people say, as Mother Mary did, "Here I am, let it be." Learn More

  3. Arise
    By: Tracy Howe

    From singer/songwriter Tracy Howe: "Based on Isaiah 60, this is an upbeat gathering song declaring the promises of God that God's love brings God's people together." Learn More

  4. Ashes
    By: My Anchor Holds

    “Ashes” was written for Ash Wednesday worship, to be played during the imposition of ashes, or during Communion any time of year. It's a reminder that in our messy, disconnected human moments, we can be reconnected to the Divine and to one another through the most elemental things… bread, wine, water, earth. Learn More

  5. Belong To You
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This is a brand new song written specifically to go with the Day 1 Scripture and Themes of the 2018 "Beyond Belief" Outdoor Ministries Camp Curriculum published by Chalice Press. Based on Psalm 139 and the theme, "What If I Belong?"--this is easy to learn and sing and will be useful in many contexts, including Sunday morning worship services. Learn More

  6. Big Bright Beautiful World
    By: Andra Moran

    This sunny, singable song is a great match for any congregation seeking a song of praise that includes nature imagery. Creation care is our responsibility as people of faith. This song describes the big, bright beautiful world as the dream of God, which is ours to guard and protect. Fresh language captures the imagination and delights the senses. If you're looking for a song that rhymes "birch" and "church," this is the one! Learn More

  7. Called By Earth And Sky
    By: Pat Mayberry

    A fantastic contemporary hymn by Canadian composer and artist Pat Mayberry. We have a feeling this one is going to enjoy a very wide use once you hear it. Great lyrics, very accessible, and a wonderful earth-honoring message that is right on time and then some. Your congregation will love this one! Learn More

  8. Called To Be God's Glory
    By: Ken Medema

    “See the glory of Creator in the wonders of creation! See the glory of our Savior in the lives that Love makes new! See the glory of God present in the power of Love awakened! We are called to be God’s glory in everything we think and say and do!” These lively, compelling lyrics by Terry W. York and Ken Medema with music by Ken Medema are a call to service based on gratitude for all the love and merciful provisions God grants us in this life. Originally composed for the Alleluia Conference at Baylor University in July 2019, this new choral arrangement by Ken Medema and Cathy Chamblee features choir, piano, organ, cello, and rhythm section with an opportunity for the congregation to join in on the chorus. Suitable for a variety of worship settings, this piece is sure to become a favorite for your congregation! Because of the pandemic, a performance recording is not available for this anthem, but you can acquaint yourself with the piece through the free MIDI-generated recording available on this website. Learn More

  9. Children of God
    By: Jim Martin

    Composer and UCC pastor James F.D. Martin (or "Jim" to most of his friends and colleagues) writes very catchy, easy to learn, upbeat and meaningful songs for worship.  Several of his songs are in the UCC's supplemental contemporary hymnal, "Sing!  Prayer and Praise!" and we are delighted to be sharing his music here at CMP.  

    This one has a Latin feel and could be done in a number of different ways.  Jimmy Buffet worship anyone?

    Learn More

  10. Drink Deeply
    By: David LaMotte

    Singer/Songwriter David LaMotte is a soulful lyricist and artist who has spent many years in contemporary folk music circles.  This very singable and easy to learn song with a great groove is from David's brand new release, "It's The Other Way Around."  This tune will bring new life and energy to many congregations as they celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion.



    Learn More

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