1. Flood Of Wonder
    By: Gordon & Mark Ellis

    “Flood of Wonder” is a beautiful, easy-to-sing song of praise and confession that works well, though not exclusively, as an opening worship song or sung confession and assurance. It can be used during any season, especially Lent, as it alludes to several titles and teachings of Jesus included in the Lenten lectionary readings. It has been well-received and often-used by several churches, both progressive and evangelical, and in both traditional and contemporary worship settings. Learn More

  2. Forgive Us
    By: The Many

    From Gary Rand of "The Many..." "Forgive Us is a song of lament and confession. It’s a song to sing when the words don’t come; when our efforts to help, or do right, or even pray seem to come up empty. The songs says, “we don’t know how to pray here, stay here. All we hope is that you’re here.” It’s a song that resonates with Romans 8:26-27, where Paul speaks of the Spirit interceding for us when we don’t have the words." Learn More

  3. God's Voice Anywhere
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    Every great religious tradition has ideas about how the Holy is present. Christian teaching sometimes lists the orthodox ways God is revealed and how prayer works. These are good things. However, if we align too tightly to particulars, we may lose the sense of God's mystery which may be essential to a thriving faith. This song is an effort to explore with young people around the campfire some of the ways we might experience God.

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  4. Letting Go
    By: Bret Hesla

    A slow chant for allowing, for peace, for calmness. Learn More

  5. Pour Us Out Like Water
    By: Andra Moran

    A gentle prayer of surrender and service. Learn More

  6. Surrender
    By: Sherry Cothran

    Sherry Cothran is an ordained United Methodist Pastor and singer/songwriter who enjoyed critical success a while back with a band called The Envirudes.   This one's less for group singing and more just for reflection and inspiration.  Enjoy her beautiful vocals and the lovely imagery of her lyrics...

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  7. Unafraid
    By: Matthew Black

    A simple song that is immediately accessible and easy to pick up. Be sure to listen long enough to hear the beautiful vocal harmonies that Matthew Black uses to really bring this song to life. In a world where fear is used to manipulate and control us in so many ways, this simple reminder that when we are "in God"--we can rest and find deep peace and security. In fact Matt suggests that it is ONLY in God that we can "lie down and not be afraid." This song could be used in lots of different ways liturgically, and Matthew includes the vocal arrangement as a download. Learn More