1. Belong To You
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This is a brand new song written specifically to go with the Day 1 Scripture and Themes of the 2018 "Beyond Belief" Outdoor Ministries Camp Curriculum published by Chalice Press. Based on Psalm 139 and the theme, "What If I Belong?"--this is easy to learn and sing and will be useful in many contexts, including Sunday morning worship services. Learn More

  2. Big Bright Beautiful World
    By: Andra Moran

    This sunny, singable song is a great match for any congregation seeking a song of praise that includes nature imagery. Creation care is our responsibility as people of faith. This song describes the big, bright beautiful world as the dream of God, which is ours to guard and protect. Fresh language captures the imagination and delights the senses. If you're looking for a song that rhymes "birch" and "church," this is the one! Learn More

  3. Break the Cages
    By: Jackie and Matt LeFevers

    This song proclaims the simple truth that the Divine is too big and vast to be contained by any one name or concept or even theology.  A beautiful reminder that God will always be more than our ability to comprehend or describe the Holy One.

    For those for whom the word/image "King" is problematic, the word "Source" can be inserted there with the composers' consent.  We've listed the lyric this way in the second verse of the song on the sheet music even though the audio file uses "King" both times.

    Learn More

  4. Come, My People
    By: Jim Martin

    A rousing opener, welcoming the faith community to a sense of God’s joyful presence and the security of feeling loved and valued. Easy to sing, with a lively Latin feel. A favorite of many. Learn More

  5. Come, Sovereign Majesty
    By: Jim Martin

    Welcomes the community of faith to encounter the Living God in worship. Joyful and easy to sing, it lifts up the Trinity in new ways. A strong opening song with a steady Gospel swing. Learn More

  6. Everything That's Beautiful
    By: Joe Ramsay

    A driving acoustic guitar song that proclaims the simple Truth that all beauty and goodness comes from and points back to the Divine. A nice open tuning sound on the guitar, but the song can be done very simply in standard tuning as well. Easy to learn, fun to sing, and congregations could easily add their own verses to this one. Learn More

  7. Faithful Through The Years (Psalm 100)
    By: Andra Moran

    Andra Moran's setting of Psalm 100 is a great opening song for congregational worship, inviting everyone to recognize God's faithful presence with a simple, singable refrain. This song entreats us to open our hearts, hands, and minds to the Spirit. Learn More

  8. Gloria
    By: Christopher Grundy

    A simple, swaying refrain that updates the traditional Gloria with fresh lyrics and a contemporary tune. Used in churches across the United States every week for years. One License #CGG2002 Learn More

  9. Glory In The Highest
    By: Jonathan Rundman

    A catchy blue-grass/country flavored song with a very accessible chorus and call and response verses.  Fun, celebratory, and easy to learn.  Nice feminine reference to the Divine in one of the verses!

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  10. Here in This Place
    By: Christopher Grundy

    Another beautiful, singable, earth-honoring chorus. Easy to play on guitar. This song works well for outdoor worship, church camp, or any time you want to connect with the sacred around you. The song also turns the idea that God is somehow "up" on its head, using imagery of the Spirit rising from the ground. The song works well as a gathering song, introit, call to worship, prayer, or as a congregational hymn. Written by Dr. Christopher Grundy, Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship at Eden Theological Seminary. One License #CGHiTP2002 Learn More