Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

  1. Belong To You
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This is a brand new song written specifically to go with the Day 1 Scripture and Themes of the 2018 "Beyond Belief" Outdoor Ministries Camp Curriculum published by Chalice Press. Based on Psalm 139 and the theme, "What If I Belong?"--this is easy to learn and sing and will be useful in many contexts, including Sunday morning worship services. Learn More

  2. Blessing of St. Clare
    By: Lacey Brown
    By: Poor Clare

    A very interesting combination of a contemporary sound with a very old benediction/blessing attributed to St. Clare. The lyric reminds us that "there is no fear in love." Learn More

  3. Do It Afraid
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This song was inspired by a story told by Rev. Traci Blackmon, a UCC clergyperson and National Church leader who was on the front lines of the clergy response to the KKK and white extremist violence in Charlottesville, VA. According to the story (which did not take place in Charlottesville), a 5 year old boy was going to say a few words in his church on Easter in front of the whole congregation. When the time came, he was too afraid to do it and refused. Eventually though he went ahead and spoke his piece. When the pastor then asked him to explain how he got rid of his fear, the little boy said, "I didn't. I just did it afraid." This brief chorus will work in many contexts, especially after the story that inspired it is told. Sometimes faith doesn't mean not being afraid--it means feeling the fear and yet doing what we're called to do anyway... Learn More

  4. For God Is Here
    By: Troy Hatfield

    This is a very singable and easy to learn chorus by Troy Hatfield, one of the musical leaders of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI.  The lyric is a beautiful reminder of Psalm 46:12 which tell us that because God is with us--especially in the midst of trouble--we do not need to be afraid. 

    Fear--it's being thrown at us and sold to us and used to manipuate and control folks in so many ways.  We all have our own personal fears as well.  We hope and pray that little choruses like this will help us respond to fear with Spirit-centered love and strength and freedom.

    Note:  The audio for this song is a simple live demo at this point.  Troy is finishing up a more produced studio version and we will use that as soon as it is available.  If you purchase this simple demo and want the studio version when it comes out please just let us know.  Also, the song was initially called, "For He Is Here."  Troy was very open to the suggestion that other pronouns and images for God be used so that the song is not exclusively using a masculine image for the Divine.  You'll see our suggestions (God, He, She)  on the lyric pages and sheet music, but the audio here only uses the original male pronoun.  Please "hear" beyond that and imagine repeating the song using "God" for the first verse, "He" for the second, and "She" for the third.

    Learn More

  5. Forgive Us
    By: The Many

    From Gary Rand of "The Many..." "Forgive Us is a song of lament and confession. It’s a song to sing when the words don’t come; when our efforts to help, or do right, or even pray seem to come up empty. The songs says, “we don’t know how to pray here, stay here. All we hope is that you’re here.” It’s a song that resonates with Romans 8:26-27, where Paul speaks of the Spirit interceding for us when we don’t have the words." Learn More