Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

  1. Your Love Is Here
    By: The Many

    A brand new song by CMP's number one selling artist, "The Many." This one is a prayer of longing to be able to trust and believe that God's Love is present and real despite all our questions, doubts, weariness, and fear. Learn More

  2. We Lift Our Eyes to You
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    • The lead sheet product includes lead sheet plus songleader's guide and congregational melody line. 
    • The lyric sheet product is a chord chart.

    "We've had our fill of hatred..." the song sings. "We look to you for mercy." This song is a reflection on Psalm 123, a prayer of surrender in the midst of honest struggle.

    This song is licensed via OneLicense.net, CCLI and Worldmaking.net.

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  3. Waiting For You
    By: Gary Rand (Producer)
    By: Hannah Rand
    By: The Many

    This is a brand new song for Advent 2016 from The Many.  We're really excited about this one!  So timely in light of all that's going on in the world right now.  This beautiful, singable, easily accessible song could work as an anthem, a congregational song, or a solo.  It taps into the Advent themes of waiting and longing for God to come, act, and bring about Divine justice.  And yet it is also a call to action, love, service, and hope while we wait. 

    Thanks for another GREAT song Gary, Lenora, and Hannah Rand!

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  4. Waiting
    By: Sherri Hansen

    From the Composer Sherri Hansen... "This is a very special song that was written for a friend of mine during a difficult time in her life. It draws from two of my favorite Psalm passages: 27:14 and 71:20-21. Its a song about longing and waiting for God when questions remain unanswered and pain and suffering appear endless. It can be used as either a congregational or solo artist piece during any season, but the theme of waiting is especially appropriate for Advent. The bridge which utilizes Psalm 71 could be skipped to the end chorus: “God give me patience, God give me strength.” I love doing it with an overlay of the initial verse: “I wait for you God, my soul waits” which I’ve had a soloist sing over the end chorus or divided it between the assembly. The sections also may be repeated as many times as desired. Hopefully, this provides several options and flexibility depending on your needs and circumstances." Learn More

  5. Unafraid
    By: Matthew Black

    A simple song that is immediately accessible and easy to pick up. Be sure to listen long enough to hear the beautiful vocal harmonies that Matthew Black uses to really bring this song to life. In a world where fear is used to manipulate and control us in so many ways, this simple reminder that when we are "in God"--we can rest and find deep peace and security. In fact Matt suggests that it is ONLY in God that we can "lie down and not be afraid." This song could be used in lots of different ways liturgically, and Matthew includes the vocal arrangement as a download. Learn More

  6. To the One Making Way
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    This brand new contemporary hymn by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan was commissioned by First Congregational Church of Webster Groves, MO.  The focus on God's presence and guidance for immigrants makes this a particularly timely piece in light of the current political climate in the U.S. and we hope and pray this hymn will be used widely to help congregations pray and sing their way into a more faithful, just, and clear reponse to the plight of all immigrants.

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  7. Time To Speak
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This song was written specifically to match the "Day 5" Scripture and Theme of the 2018 "Beyond Belief" Outdoor Ministries Camp curriculum published by Chalice Press. The Scripture is the amazing encounter of Jesus and the Syrophoenician Woman in Mark 7:24-30, and the theme for the day is "What If We Speak Up?" Sometimes speaking up is hard and requires courage and strength to "find our voices." This song is a prayer for that courage and grace and the ability to know when it's time to speak up. Learn More

  8. There Are Gardens Waiting
    By: Bret Hesla

    A vision of longing, hope and healing. Learn More

  9. Surrounded By Love
    By: Mark Miller

    This brand new song by gifted composer and musicologist Mark Miller was written just before Mark underwent surgery to remove a tumor on his brain.  He was told that the surgery could wind up leaving him deaf, especially in one ear--no small matter for anyone--but especially huge for one who is called to teach and create and perform music.  Thankfully, the surgery went well, the tumor was benign, and Mark hears perfectly.  And we all received the gift of this beautiful song in and through the process!  This one will minister deeply to anyone facing uncertainty and risk and who needs to be reminded that God and the community of faith will always "surround us with love."

    If and when Mark does a more produced version of this song in the studio we will make that available, but for now this simple demo is the only recording of this brand new song that exists.  Thanks so much for sharing it with us Mark, and we have a feeling this song is going to be widely used!

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  10. Remember When
    By: Hannah Rand
    By: The Many

    Can we be honest? Sometimes we wonder where God is and what God does. When horrible things happen in our personal lives and in our world we may not always say it out loud, but we think it...where were you God? Why don't you do something about this? We cry out like the Psalmists did in Psalm 10 "Lord, why are you so far away? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?" Or lament like the writer of Psalm 42: "My tears have been my food day and night, as people constantly question me, 'Where’s your God now?'" This song is about that - remembering some of the recent events that have left us in tears, left us heartbroken and undone. Where was God when children are put in cages on the U.S. border? Where was God when Laquan McDonald was killed or Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor or George Floyd? Where was God when the child is sent to conversion therapy or when we lose thousands and thousands of people in a pandemic? The answers don't come easy in this song...but as we cry out and ask God, "Why didn't you send help?" we sometimes hear God's still, small voice saying, "I did. I sent you." This song is on The Many's 2019 album "Love Greater Than Fear" which is available on iTunes and Spotify. You can learn more about The Many at: https://www.themanyarehere.com CCLI#: 7140930 Learn More