Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

  1. We Lift Our Eyes to You
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    • The lead sheet product includes lead sheet plus songleader's guide and congregational melody line. 
    • The lyric sheet product is a chord chart.

    "We've had our fill of hatred..." the song sings. "We look to you for mercy." This song is a reflection on Psalm 123, a prayer of surrender in the midst of honest struggle.

    This song is licensed via OneLicense.net, CCLI and Worldmaking.net.

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  2. Time To Speak
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This song was written specifically to match the "Day 5" Scripture and Theme of the 2018 "Beyond Belief" Outdoor Ministries Camp curriculum published by Chalice Press. The Scripture is the amazing encounter of Jesus and the Syrophoenician Woman in Mark 7:24-30, and the theme for the day is "What If We Speak Up?" Sometimes speaking up is hard and requires courage and strength to "find our voices." This song is a prayer for that courage and grace and the ability to know when it's time to speak up. Learn More

  3. Waiting For You
    By: Gary Rand (Producer)
    By: Hannah Rand
    By: The Many

    This is a brand new song for Advent 2016 from The Many.  We're really excited about this one!  So timely in light of all that's going on in the world right now.  This beautiful, singable, easily accessible song could work as an anthem, a congregational song, or a solo.  It taps into the Advent themes of waiting and longing for God to come, act, and bring about Divine justice.  And yet it is also a call to action, love, service, and hope while we wait. 

    Thanks for another GREAT song Gary, Lenora, and Hannah Rand!

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  4. Only Love Can Heal What's Broken
    By: Brian McLaren

    From Brian McLaren:  "In The Great Spiritual Migration, I propose that we imagine the local congregation as a school of love.  It's quite surprising how few songs we have that deepen our understanding of and commitment to the primacy of love;  I hope this song can help in this regard.  I also felt (aided by the strange and horrible 2016 election cycle) that we need to name greed, hate, and fear as deadly diseases of which love is the cure.  People constantly sell products and win elections using the currency of greed, hated and fear;  we need to expose that as a counterfeit currency and celebrate the power of love instead."

    From CMP: Brian McLaren was on a road Sabbatical for the first 8 months of 2016.  During this time away from the grind of constant travel and preparation for live events Brian wrote, rewrote, compiled, and recorded demos (not finished studio recordings) of 21 songs.  9 of these demos are currently available here on the CMP site, and we are in the process of creating lead sheets and piano arrangements for them.  If you would like to purchase this entire collection of Brian's demo's, lyrics, and some notes he wrote about each song (21 songs for $18) please email Bryan Sirchio, CMP Lead Designer, and he will send you a link you can use to purchase Brian's entire collection.

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  5. There Are Gardens Waiting
    By: Bret Hesla

    A vision of longing, hope and healing. Learn More

  6. Your Love Is Here
    By: The Many

    A brand new song by CMP's number one selling artist, "The Many." This one is a prayer of longing to be able to trust and believe that God's Love is present and real despite all our questions, doubts, weariness, and fear. Learn More

  7. God of the Movements and Martyrs (Wil Smith Version)
    By: Wil Smith

    "God of the Movements and Martyrs" was written in honor of the 85th anniversary of the North Carolina Council of Churches. the Council was formed in 1935 to address racial injustice, and continues to work for peace, justice, equity, and inclusion. The hymn honors Christians who have been working for a better world for generations, because of their faith, and invites all of us to join in that sacred work. Note: There are several different versions of this song on the CMP site. Each version has it's own product page and related downloads available. It is the same song done if several different styles by several different artists. This particular arrangement by liturgical musician Wil Smith brings this powerful new hymn into the style of traditional congregational hymn. Learn More

  8. Holy One, Who
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    Another beautiful, accessible song based on one of the Psalms (Psalm 35) from Richard Bruxvoort Colligan.  We can envision this one being used a several different ways in worship--as preparation for the Word, as a response, as an anthem, as a song for reflection and meditation, and more.  

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  9. Forgive Us
    By: The Many

    From Gary Rand of "The Many..." "Forgive Us is a song of lament and confession. It’s a song to sing when the words don’t come; when our efforts to help, or do right, or even pray seem to come up empty. The songs says, “we don’t know how to pray here, stay here. All we hope is that you’re here.” It’s a song that resonates with Romans 8:26-27, where Paul speaks of the Spirit interceding for us when we don’t have the words." Learn More