1. Again And Again
    By: The Many

    This brand new song from The Many is such a gift to us all right now. The song acknowledges some of the heartbreaking realities of injustice and cruelty that confront us, such as the separation of families at U.S. borders. The lyrics validate our sorrow and frustration with the fact that even though we pray and work for justice, we humans keep losing our way and causing each other so much unnecessary pain. But as always, The Many reminds us that God is with us and sustaining us and leading us in the midst of heartache and loss. In other words, God comes to us--"again and again"-- in the middle of our brokenness and bewilderment, and gives us courage and strength to keep living, loving, and working for change. There is a great video available for this song that is perfect for virtual worship! CCLI #716829 Learn More

  2. God Bless The Poor
    By: Brian McLaren

    A beautiful song musically and lyrically that transcends genres. It could be a solo song, a choral anthem, or a song for congregational singing. Soulful, healing, and expansive... Brian McLaren's lyrics are always provocative, expansive, and soulful. Learn More

  3. God of the Movements and Martyrs (The Many Version)
    By: The Many

    "God of the Movements and Martyrs" was written in honor of the 85th anniversary of the North Carolina Council of Churches. the Council was formed in 1935 to address racial injustice, and continues to work for peace, justice, equity, and inclusion. The hymn honors Christians who have been working for a better world for generations, because of their faith, and invites all of us to join in that sacred work. Note: There are several different versions of this song on the CMP site. Each version has it's own product page and related downloads available. It is the same song done in several different styles by several different artists. Learn More

  4. I Will Sing of Your Love, Love, Love
    By: Christopher Grundy

    "I Will Sing of Your Love, Love, Love" was commissioned by the Missouri/Mid-South Conference of the United Church of Christ to support the "Three Great Loves" campaign of the UCC, but any congregation can enjoy singing it.  This easy, upbeat song has a simple, easy-to-learn format and a refrain that gets in your head and stays there. Based on Psalm 89:1, the song is fun to sing, and will work with a full band or just piano or guitar. It would work well for opening of worship, close of worship, or other places where you want to have some fun. The verses focus on three types of God's love, and our love for each other: love of neighbor, love of children, and love of creation. An optional descant can add complexity to the song, as well as an emphasis on working for, "a just world for all." Learn More

  5. Not In Our Name
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This song was written by Pastor Bryan Sirchio with some input from members and friends of the congregation he serves--McFarland UCC in McFarland, WI. The song is part of the "Not In Our Name" campaign that McFarland UCC has initiated to express its opposition to the separation of immigrant children from their families at U.S. borders. This song is not yet available in Mp3 form, but here is a link to a video of members and friends of McFarland UCC singing this song during a worship service on August 18, 2019. If you agree with the message of this song, please share this video in any social media forums to which you have access. https://www.facebook.com/NION.US/videos/1253920748148145/ The lead sheet, congregational bulletin insert, and piano arrangement for this song are available here on the CMP site at no charge. We encourage you to sing the song in your own communities. The "Not In Our Name" (N.I.O.N.) campaign's materials are available on the campaign's Facebook page. Search for "Not In Our Name" in your Facebook search bar and you will find the page. There is a petition that you can sign, and bracelets and T-shirts for sale. Proceeds from sales of these items and donations to the campaign will be used to support organizations that are monitoring human rights conditions in detention centers and/or doing the tedious leg work to help separated family members to find each other. Learn More

  6. Song Of The Refugee
    By: Ken Medema

    Ken’s NEW CHORAL OFFERING, “Song of the Refugee,” draws us into the lonely and often terrifying journey of the refugee in her strange new homeland. Threatened back in her native country, she knows no clear path forward for her life ahead. Who will welcome her here? Who will defend and befriend her? How will we as followers of Jesus respond? We hear the voice of the refugee sharing about her plight through Ken’s haunting melody and lyrics. This lovely and highly accessible S.A.T.B. anthem, accompanied by piano and optional cello, was arranged together with Cathy Chamblee and is ALSO available as a vocal solo with optional cello. Because it was arranged during the pandemic, a performance recording is not available for either the choral or the solo version, but you may become acquainted with this MUST-HAVE anthem through a free MIDI-generated recording of the choral version. This piece offers your choir or soloist the chance to be the voice of the refugee, challenging listeners about what it means to love the newcomer in their midst. Learn More

  7. Whatever Is True
    By: Andra Moran

    "Whatever Is True" is based on Philippians 4:8-9. Functionally, it makes a great benediction song, sending the congregation out into the world with a reminder to set their minds on truth, kindness, and noble things, and to remember that we are all held with love. The line, "love for a stranger, love for a neighbor, seeking the Christ" is also a powerful text to sing in light of the current crises of immigrants at the southern U.S. borders and the recent heartbreaking reality of refugees from Afghanistan. Learn More

  8. Where Jesus Was
    By: The Many

    A powerful new song focusing on ways in which Jesus is present with us in our daily lives and in the world. Once again The Many has provided us with a song that teaches, inspires, and challenges us to live out the compassion, justice, kindness and Extravagant Welcome that is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This song also has a great groove and style and production. Definitely give this one a listen! There is a powerful lyric video available for this song also that makes "Where Jesus Was" especially useful in virtual worship. CCLI Song #7169401 Learn More