Great Cloud of Witnesses, the Communion of Saints

  1. I Choose You
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    • The lyric sheet product is a chord chart.
    • The lead sheet product bundles lead sheet, congregational melody line and songleader's guide.
    • This song is licensed via, CCLI and
    • This song is part of Richard Bruxvoort Colligan's intergenerational camp song album, "Branching Out: Neo Camp Songs."

    "You did not choose me, but I chose you." Jesus' words from John 15.16 can be heard as claiming, community and commissioning all at once. A good cmapfire song as well as congregational piece.

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  2. Stepping In
    By: Christopher Grundy

    Rev. Dr. Christopher Grundy is a professor of preaching and Dean of the Chapel at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis.  He's also an exceptionally giftet singer/songwriter and liturgical musician.

    "Stepping In" is the title track of his colleciton of over 20 songs for worship, and is a beautiful invitation to step into the everflowing stream of prayer that reaches around the world at all times.  


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  3. Together In This
    By: David Lunsford

    A moving song about sharing each other's burdens and loving and accepting each other as we are.  Beautiful production and artistry.  David Lunsford and the musicians at Eastlake Community Church in Washington state are creating some amazingly beautiful music that should be on the radio, but their lyrics are a bit too progressive and real for most CCM radio formats.

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  4. We'll All Stand Together
    By: Amy Sens

    The imagery for We’ll All Stand Together comes from the book of Revelation. In the city of God, redeemed and made new, the people gather together at the banks of the river, a river of grace that blesses the whole city. We’ll All Stand Together works well at a faster tempo, and is a good one for starting or ending a worship service, especially one focused on social justice and solidarity. Amy Sens is an ordained UCC minister serving a congregation in Baltimore, MD. She has compiled an entire hymnal of bluegrass style worship songs with inclusive language and theology. Contact her directly at her bandcamp site for more information about this great resource! Learn More

  5. Wherever Two or More Are Gathered
    By: Matthew Black

    This is another easy to learn and fun to sing song by Matt Black. Based on Jesus' words in Matthew 18:20, the song reminds us that Christ is among us and with us "wherever two or more are gathered." This could be an introit, a gathering song, a camp song--lots of ways to use this song. And Matt once again offers some fun and pretty vocal counter lines and harmonies. Learn More