1. Called By Earth And Sky
    By: Pat Mayberry

    A fantastic contemporary hymn by Canadian composer and artist Pat Mayberry. We have a feeling this one is going to enjoy a very wide use once you hear it. Great lyrics, very accessible, and a wonderful earth-honoring message that is right on time and then some. Your congregation will love this one! Learn More

  2. Spirit Running
    By: Brian McLaren

    Brian McLaren is known widely for his many books and his signficant role as one of the pioneers and theological framers of the "Emerging Church" movement.  But music and songwriting in particular has also been a passion of Brian's for many years.  Brian took a travel sabbatical for the first part of 2016 during which he composed a number of new songs for worship.  Many of these new songs of his will soon be available primarily if not exclusively through CMP!

    No one is more humble and self-deprecating when it comes to his own playing and singing than Brian, so cut him some slack if his "Garage Band" demos aren't flawless.  We or others may redo some of these songs in a more studio polished format, but we want to begin sharing his new songs with the Church right away.  Few songwriters hit the lyrical heart and essence of what CMP is all about any more deeply and consistently than Brian.

    "Spirit Running" is a fun, joyful, upbeat song proclaiming the call to do justice and to care for and honor the earth.  Enjoy!

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