Conflict and Perseverance

  1. A Stable Lamp is Lighted
    By: Ana Hernandez

    This beautiful poem by Richard Wilbur is quite flexible and may be used as a solo with guitar or piano, and also as a hymn with the entire congregation. 
    Stay blessed.

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  2. Again And Again
    By: The Many

    This brand new song from The Many is such a gift to us all right now. The song acknowledges some of the heartbreaking realities of injustice and cruelty that confront us, such as the separation of families at U.S. borders. The lyrics validate our sorrow and frustration with the fact that even though we pray and work for justice, we humans keep losing our way and causing each other so much unnecessary pain. But as always, The Many reminds us that God is with us and sustaining us and leading us in the midst of heartache and loss. In other words, God comes to us--"again and again"-- in the middle of our brokenness and bewilderment, and gives us courage and strength to keep living, loving, and working for change. There is a great video available for this song that is perfect for virtual worship! CCLI #716829 Learn More

  3. All For Good
    By: Emma Ceurvels

    A new song written by Emma Ceurvels and Bryan Sirchio (Emma is Bryan's daughter) based on Romans 8:28. This beautiful song proclaims the simple but powerful truth that God's Grace can bring blessing and beauty and goodness out of even the most painful chapters of our lives. This song works as a congregational song, an anthem, and eventually a choral arrangement will be provided as well. At this point the video is the only product related to this song, but a piano arrangement and lead sheet are in the works and will be posted as soon as possible. Learn More

  4. All My Life
    By: Ken Medema

    "All my Life" is a contemporary setting of Psalm 73 and offers a little bit of everything! Ken Medema uses funky rhythmic music for us to sing about the frustration of walking in God's ways while watching evil flourish, and he pairs that with contemplative music as we sing a prayer of gratitude for our salvation and for God's abiding presence. This song is best suited for a vocal solo but the opening verses also allow congregational participation. "All my Life" can be performed with piano and additional rhythm section instruments (guitar and drums). Look for these additional titles in this series of Psalm settings by Ken: "God, I am Beaten, Battered, and Bruised (Psalm 56)," "It's Good to Give Thanks (Psalm 92)," and "We Will Raise Our Eyes (Psalm 121)." Learn More

  5. Ashes
    By: My Anchor Holds

    “Ashes” was written for Ash Wednesday worship, to be played during the imposition of ashes, or during Communion any time of year. It's a reminder that in our messy, disconnected human moments, we can be reconnected to the Divine and to one another through the most elemental things… bread, wine, water, earth. Learn More

  6. Break Our Hearts Again
    By: Paul Demer

    A hauntingly beautiful melody and poetic lyrics that can be used as a lament, a prayer of longing for deeper union and response to God, and that ends with a resolve to "lay our armour down." 

    Note:  The sheet music for this song is in a key that is significantly lower than the artist's recording in order to make the range more accessible for congregational singing.  If you purchase the sheet music and would like it also in the original key, please contact CMP and we will send it to you at no additional charge.

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  7. Deliver Us
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    An upbeat rocking song with a catchy hook based on Psalm 58 that names systemic injustice and oppression.  This song has some guts and is a strong call for introspection and "uprooting corruption even when it serves us." 

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  8. Extravagant Love
    By: The Many

    A new song from The Many that names some of the ego games and wounded patters in which we often lose ourselves. The song then also names how the Extravagant Love, Mercy, and Grace of God can transform us and make a new way of living and being possible. The song ends with the simple but powerful proclamation that "there is enough to go around" in the abundance of God's Love. Right now all we have for this song is the video and lyrics and chords. We're working on a lead sheet and piano arrangement and will have them available ASAP. CCLI #7140923 Learn More

  9. For God Is Here
    By: Troy Hatfield

    This is a very singable and easy to learn chorus by Troy Hatfield, one of the musical leaders of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI.  The lyric is a beautiful reminder of Psalm 46:12 which tell us that because God is with us--especially in the midst of trouble--we do not need to be afraid. 

    Fear--it's being thrown at us and sold to us and used to manipuate and control folks in so many ways.  We all have our own personal fears as well.  We hope and pray that little choruses like this will help us respond to fear with Spirit-centered love and strength and freedom.

    Note:  The audio for this song is a simple live demo at this point.  Troy is finishing up a more produced studio version and we will use that as soon as it is available.  If you purchase this simple demo and want the studio version when it comes out please just let us know.  Also, the song was initially called, "For He Is Here."  Troy was very open to the suggestion that other pronouns and images for God be used so that the song is not exclusively using a masculine image for the Divine.  You'll see our suggestions (God, He, She)  on the lyric pages and sheet music, but the audio here only uses the original male pronoun.  Please "hear" beyond that and imagine repeating the song using "God" for the first verse, "He" for the second, and "She" for the third.

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  10. For Such A Time As This
    By: Jonathan Rundman

    This simple but catchy chorus is based on the famous quote from Esther 4:14. This could be used as a stand alone chorus, a "short song" liturgical phrase in the context of a responsive prayer, or even on the street when protesting injustice. Learn More