1. Something Beautiful For God
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This song is based on the life and teachings of Mother Teresa. When living with her order in Calcutta, India Mother Teresa would end each morning's time of worship by saying to her sisters, "Today let us do something beautiful for God." The song includes as many key teachings and insights that motivated Mother Teresa's work, such as "do something small where you are with what you've got." This song works great in congregational worship and can be done either with just piano or guitar or with a worship band. Learn More

  2. Song of Lamentation
    By: Steve Schallert

    Steve Schallert lives in Hawaii and works often with Youth With a Mission.  He is a soulful and passionate songwriter and artist who writes beautiful songs of longing, lament, and the call for biblical justice.  This simple but powerful "Song of Lamentation" will touch the hearts of many and give us all a deeply needed way to sing our prayers for healing and wholeness.

    A common critique of "contemporary praise and worship music" is that it does not touch the brokenness of the world enough and that there are too many "happy clappy" songs and very few songs of lament.  Lament is a crucial step in response to the pain of the world and the processes of grieving, healing, and regrouping we all need both in our individual lives and in our communities of faith.  CMP is grateful and proud to have songs like this on our site and to point you toward the work of Steve Schallert.




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  3. Speak Up
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    A song about about using your voice, taking a risk when the moment comes. There's a time to be quiet and a time to Speak Up! Consider the moment when you witness bullying, injustice, someone in need or a time to simply be honest about your situation. Resonates with Day 5 of the "Beyond Belief" Inside Out curriculum. Learn More

  4. Spirit Running
    By: Brian McLaren

    Brian McLaren is known widely for his many books and his signficant role as one of the pioneers and theological framers of the "Emerging Church" movement.  But music and songwriting in particular has also been a passion of Brian's for many years.  Brian took a travel sabbatical for the first part of 2016 during which he composed a number of new songs for worship.  Many of these new songs of his will soon be available primarily if not exclusively through CMP!

    No one is more humble and self-deprecating when it comes to his own playing and singing than Brian, so cut him some slack if his "Garage Band" demos aren't flawless.  We or others may redo some of these songs in a more studio polished format, but we want to begin sharing his new songs with the Church right away.  Few songwriters hit the lyrical heart and essence of what CMP is all about any more deeply and consistently than Brian.

    "Spirit Running" is a fun, joyful, upbeat song proclaiming the call to do justice and to care for and honor the earth.  Enjoy!

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  5. Stay Connected
    By: Trinity UCC Music Team

    CMP is thrilled to have Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Musical Director Bryan Johnson, and songwriter Kevon Carter at the heart of our attempts to bring new music to congregations!  We'll soon be featuring some interviews with Rev. Moss and the music team of Trinity and look forward to their insights on how to use music in the context of transforming and vital worship.

    This "Stay Connected" piece based on Jesus' words in John 15 is just the first of what will be many original songs from Trinity's Kevon Carter.  Piano arrangements and lead sheets will be coming soon!


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  6. Stepping In
    By: Christopher Grundy

    Rev. Dr. Christopher Grundy is a professor of preaching and Dean of the Chapel at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis.  He's also an exceptionally giftet singer/songwriter and liturgical musician.

    "Stepping In" is the title track of his colleciton of over 20 songs for worship, and is a beautiful invitation to step into the everflowing stream of prayer that reaches around the world at all times.  


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  7. Sunday Sunday
    By: Ken Medema

    Ken Medema has created this easy-to-learn chorus that has singers jubilantly thinking about all the circumstances we carry as we gather together to worship God. Set with a gentle flowing piano accompaniment, Ken's lyrics have us celebrating this great gift we have of coming together as God's holy family. Learn More

  8. Surrender
    By: Sherry Cothran

    Sherry Cothran is an ordained United Methodist Pastor and singer/songwriter who enjoyed critical success a while back with a band called The Envirudes.   This one's less for group singing and more just for reflection and inspiration.  Enjoy her beautiful vocals and the lovely imagery of her lyrics...

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  9. Surrounded By Love
    By: Mark Miller

    This brand new song by gifted composer and musicologist Mark Miller was written just before Mark underwent surgery to remove a tumor on his brain.  He was told that the surgery could wind up leaving him deaf, especially in one ear--no small matter for anyone--but especially huge for one who is called to teach and create and perform music.  Thankfully, the surgery went well, the tumor was benign, and Mark hears perfectly.  And we all received the gift of this beautiful song in and through the process!  This one will minister deeply to anyone facing uncertainty and risk and who needs to be reminded that God and the community of faith will always "surround us with love."

    If and when Mark does a more produced version of this song in the studio we will make that available, but for now this simple demo is the only recording of this brand new song that exists.  Thanks so much for sharing it with us Mark, and we have a feeling this song is going to be widely used!

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  10. Table of Love
    By: Andra Moran

    Singing the grace and generosity of Holy Communion. This song mixes longing with celebration and gratitude. Learn More