1. A Better Place
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This is one of the most popular songs from a 22 song collection of Children's songs Bryan Sirchio was asked to create for the "Shine" VBS curriculum put together by the Mennonite Church and Menno Media Productions. This is a fun, uptempo song that kids love to sing. I simply explores the justice and love and care for creation that we are called to when we're living "in the Jesus Way." Kids Choirs will have fun with this one! Learn More

  2. A Dance on the Grass
    By: Christopher Grundy

    “What song will you sing on your deathbed?” This brief, a cappella song is a threshold song - meant to be sung at the time of dying. With a gentle Celtic feel, it can be useful for hospice, or even funerals. Alto / Tenor / Baritone / Bass. This song is registered with CCLI. #7111716. Learn More

  3. A Dedication
    By: Lea Morris

    This simple chant by new CMP artist Lea Morris sings the intention to dedicate our lives, homes and all we do to bringing more joy, love and peace into this beautiful creation. Learn More

  4. A Deep and Glorious Song
    By: Ken Medema

    This piece is a meditation based on the Magnificat of Mary. It asks us to hold in our hearts the prophetic message that God will lift the lowly and bring down the proud. Learn More

  5. A Stable Lamp is Lighted
    By: Ana Hernandez

    This beautiful poem by Richard Wilbur is quite flexible and may be used as a solo with guitar or piano, and also as a hymn with the entire congregation. 
    Stay blessed.

    Learn More

  6. Again And Again
    By: The Many

    This brand new song from The Many is such a gift to us all right now. The song acknowledges some of the heartbreaking realities of injustice and cruelty that confront us, such as the separation of families at U.S. borders. The lyrics validate our sorrow and frustration with the fact that even though we pray and work for justice, we humans keep losing our way and causing each other so much unnecessary pain. But as always, The Many reminds us that God is with us and sustaining us and leading us in the midst of heartache and loss. In other words, God comes to us--"again and again"-- in the middle of our brokenness and bewilderment, and gives us courage and strength to keep living, loving, and working for change. There is a great video available for this song that is perfect for virtual worship! CCLI #716829 Learn More

  7. All Belong Here
    By: The Many

    "All Belong Here" is a new kind of call to communion, a call to remember who we are, and how much we are loved. It is a song that sees the Lord's Table as a place where we all belong. It reminds us that the whole world is God's table, where we can eat and be filled, where we can drink in the grace. Learn More

  8. All For Good
    By: Emma Ceurvels

    A new song written by Emma Ceurvels and Bryan Sirchio (Emma is Bryan's daughter) based on Romans 8:28. This beautiful song proclaims the simple but powerful truth that God's Grace can bring blessing and beauty and goodness out of even the most painful chapters of our lives. This song works as a congregational song, an anthem, and eventually a choral arrangement will be provided as well. At this point the video is the only product related to this song, but a piano arrangement and lead sheet are in the works and will be posted as soon as possible. Learn More

  9. All My Life
    By: Ken Medema

    "All my Life" is a contemporary setting of Psalm 73 and offers a little bit of everything! Ken Medema uses funky rhythmic music for us to sing about the frustration of walking in God's ways while watching evil flourish, and he pairs that with contemplative music as we sing a prayer of gratitude for our salvation and for God's abiding presence. This song is best suited for a vocal solo but the opening verses also allow congregational participation. "All my Life" can be performed with piano and additional rhythm section instruments (guitar and drums). Look for these additional titles in this series of Psalm settings by Ken: "God, I am Beaten, Battered, and Bruised (Psalm 56)," "It's Good to Give Thanks (Psalm 92)," and "We Will Raise Our Eyes (Psalm 121)." Learn More

  10. All Through The Night
    By: Ken Medema

    Ken Medema presents the traditional hymn, "All Through The Night," with a quiet piano accompaniment suitable for a reflective benediction. Learn More