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The Whole World Is Waiting

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Quick Overview

From the first line, “The whole world is waiting, the whole world cries…” to the last, this new song for Advent gives us a way to sing about the realities we are living at this moment. It gives us a song to sing honestly in these days of devastating war, climate crises, political upheaval, hatred, exclusion and division. It gives us a way to cry out to God and look for hope.

Originally written by Kate Hurley several years ago, Kate and The Many’s lyricist, Lenora Rand, got together recently and created a new version of the lyrics. When word of their work began to spread, our new friends, Flamy Grant, and Ben Grace of The Calendar Days, soon joined The Many and Kate to create the powerful and moving new recording included here on the site.

This is the song we need to be singing this Advent and Christmas season. A song that assures us there is a God that hears the “cries for justice and the longing to be free.” Who “heals and shows us what can be.” And it also reminds us that love can change things. A reminder we all desperately need to hear right now.

One License # 265086 CCLI #7229442

Artist: The Many

Artist: Kate Hurley

Licensed By: CCLI

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Licensed By CCLI

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