1. Remember Mercy
    By: Gary Rand (Producer)
    By: Hannah Rand
    By: The Many

    Another great new Advent Song by the worship band, "The Many." The text of this song is by Lenora Rand and is inspired by the Magnificat, Mary’s song in Luke 1. Gary Rand co-wrote the tune with legendary Gospel pianist and musical director, Elsa Harris. For many years, Elsa was the musical director for Jessy Dixon and plays piano on much of the recording work Jessy did with Paul Simon. Gary, Lenora, and Hannah Rand are the primary songwriters and arrangers of the music of The Many, and they have an entire Advent program put together which they make available through the organization they have founded called "The Plural Guild." Please contact them directly--the Plural Guild has a Facebook Page-- if you'd like to find out more about their Advent materials and the other fantastic music, albums, etc. they have to offer. Learn More