1. We Stand With Love
    By: The Many

    Lenora, Gary, and Hannah Rand of "The Many" have just written and recorded this beautiful song as part of the "We Stand With Love" campaign.  "We Stand With Love" has a great website with instructions on how to get involved with this campaign to help congregations focus on God's Love and Grace this Fall in particular as the presidential election approaches.  There are some great resources and instructions on how to participate and who is involved at www.westandwithlove.org

    Please see the entire free bunch of liturgical resources on the CMP site to go along with this campaign also.  Among other prayers and written liturgical resources you will find an entire worship service and a sermon written by Lenora Rand that can be used in worship.

    Thanks SO MUCH to The Many for creating these special  "We Stand With Love" resources!

    There is no sheet music available yet for this song, but we'll post it as soon as there is. 

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  2. We Stand With Love
    By: Brian McLaren

    From Brian McLaren:   I 'm an enthusiastic Supporter of the #WeStandWithLove campaign (westandwithlove.org), and I wrote this song to bring some beautiful and powerful words from Dr. King into our congregational life.

    From CMP:  Brian McLaren was on a road Sabbatical for the first 8 months of 2016. During this time away from the grind of constant travel and preparation for live events Brian wrote, rewrote, compiled, and recorded demos (not finished studio recordings) of 21 songs. 9 of these demos are currently available here on the CMP site, and we are in the process of creating lead sheets and piano arrangements for them. If you would like to purchase this entire collection of Brian's demo's, lyrics, and some notes he wrote about each song (21 songs for $18), please email Bryan Sirchio, CMP Lead Designer, and he will send you a link you can use to purchase Brian's entire collection.

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