1. These Bodies
    By: The Many

    "You gave us these bodies. And you called them good." For everyone who has ever felt unsure or shamed about their body, a song called, These Bodies, from The Many. The song came out of conversations in the band about how often we get the message that our bodies are sinful, wrong, unholy, how they don't measure up, how we need to fix them. What we try to believe instead (though we don't always act like we believe it …) is that through the Bible, and most fully in the incarnation of Jesus, God says that our bodies are "fearfully, wonderfully made." That we aren't just minds and spirits, we are BODIES, and how we treat our own and everyone else's matters. When we sing "These Bodies,” we remind ourselves of our intrinsic, God created worthiness/wonderfulness. There are so many other messages that we hear and we carry around that damage us. It helps to sing songs that help us remember who God is and who we are. This is one of those songs. Learn More