1. Not In Our Name
    By: Bryan Sirchio

    This song was written by Pastor Bryan Sirchio with some input from members and friends of the congregation he serves--McFarland UCC in McFarland, WI. The song is part of the "Not In Our Name" campaign that McFarland UCC has initiated to express its opposition to the separation of immigrant children from their families at U.S. borders. This song is not yet available in Mp3 form, but here is a link to a video of members and friends of McFarland UCC singing this song during a worship service on August 18, 2019. If you agree with the message of this song, please share this video in any social media forums to which you have access. https://www.facebook.com/NION.US/videos/1253920748148145/ The lead sheet, congregational bulletin insert, and piano arrangement for this song are available here on the CMP site at no charge. We encourage you to sing the song in your own communities. The "Not In Our Name" (N.I.O.N.) campaign's materials are available on the campaign's Facebook page. Search for "Not In Our Name" in your Facebook search bar and you will find the page. There is a petition that you can sign, and bracelets and T-shirts for sale. Proceeds from sales of these items and donations to the campaign will be used to support organizations that are monitoring human rights conditions in detention centers and/or doing the tedious leg work to help separated family members to find each other. Learn More