1. Amahoro
    By: Tracy Howe Wispelwey

    Amahoro” is a word from the Kirundi language, spoken in Burundi as well as adjacent parts of Tanzania, Uganda and the D.R. Congo. It is a common greeting meaning “peace” and is used in this song as a prayer and blessing that could be translated, “Let peace flow between us!”  Composer Tracy Howe Wispelwey is committed to composing songs that honor and draw from cultural traditions and communities that have been historically marginalized.  Congregations that love to sing songs like "We Are Marching In The Light of God"  (Siyaham' ekukhanyen' kwenkhos') will jump right on this one!

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  2. As We Gather Draw Us Nearer
    By: Andra Moran

    "As We Gather, Draw Us Nearer" marries the traditional hymn melody Beach Spring with vibrant images of nature, family, communion and belonging. This text explains holiness in a fresh, new way. It's a CMP staff favorite! Lyric video for this is coming soon! Learn More

  3. Be Still And Know
    By: Sherri Hansen

    This is a brand new song by composer Sherri Hansen based on the well known line from Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God." Sherri has done a beautiful job of putting to music the "subtraction prayer" practice by which a word is removed from this phrase until the word "be" is all that remains before going into silence. The audio was produced and performed by well known CMP artist Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan, and the still photos in the video were taken by Sherri Hansen. This simple but beautiful song is going to be used widely we're sure! Learn More

  4. Forsaken
    By: The Many

    Another gorgeous and soulful song of lament and longing by the Many. The lyrics were written by The Many's primary lyricist Lenora Rand, and the music by Lenora's husband Gary and daughter Hannah. This amazing family of co-writers and artists is blessing CMP and the Church with some of the best new worship music to be found. Taking it's cue from Jesus' cry on the cross from Psalm 22, this song taps into our experience of God's seeming absence in times of great struggle and pain, yet leans toward hope and faith and healing. Perfect for Lent and Holy week of course, but these themes are with us always and this song should and will be used throughout the year to help us express these deep and real longings of the human spirit for God to break in and break through. Learn More

  5. Gathering Hymn
    By: Ken Medema

    Ken Medema takes the familiar Ebenezer hymn tune and sets his original lyrics as a call to worship for many kinds of believers--those who are joyful, those who are broken, those without answers, and those who stand firm in faith. He reminds us that God asks us to gather in worship with our fears and our masks left at the door. Ken has created new music to lead us into each new verse. The hymn culminates in a prayer from the gathered for the journey ahead. This setting is highly suitable for congregational singing. Learn More

  6. God's Voice Anywhere
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    Every great religious tradition has ideas about how the Holy is present. Christian teaching sometimes lists the orthodox ways God is revealed and how prayer works. These are good things. However, if we align too tightly to particulars, we may lose the sense of God's mystery which may be essential to a thriving faith. This song is an effort to explore with young people around the campfire some of the ways we might experience God.

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  7. Holy Spirit Guide Us
    By: Ken Medema

    Ken Medema sets convicting new text to the well-known Wye Valley hymn tune. The new text is a prayer for God's Spirit to inhabit every moment of our worship, our communion with others, and the living of our faith in our service to others beyond church walls. This piece can stand alone as a congregational hymn, but Ken also includes it in his song, "On the Edge of Tomorrow," a separate listing on Convergence Music Project. You can hear the pairing by checking out the mp3 of "On the Edge of Tomorrow." The lyrics make the song suitable for worship topics including prayer, outreach to others, and Spirit presence in the living of our faith. Learn More

  8. Honor The Dark
    By: Lea Morris

    This 4 part a capella arrangement holds a unique and much needed message--that there are gifts and truths given in the "dark." In addition to this being a powerful message in and of itself--that there is beauty and power and deep Truth to be experienced in the dark moments and realities of life (literally and metaphorically), there is also power in challenging the implicit racist implications in assuming that "light is good" and "dark is bad." This song could be a congregational song and/or a choral anthem. It could also be a piece to use on "Good Friday" during Holy Week. Lots of potential uses for this provocative chorus. Learn More

  9. I Could Dream Of A World
    By: Ken Medema

    Ken Medema’s CHORAL SETTING of this original text lets singers give voice to disappointments we all face in this life. If we could make our dreams come true, our world would have no pain, no injustice against the land or any living thing, and no war. How do we face the evils and injuries around us? This anthem encourages us to take up the call of charity, of courage, of shouting down the darkness—all possible when we call on God’s Spirit to infuse our journeys. Our dream world is our walk with God’s presence through this life. With music and lyrics by Ken Medema and the choral arrangement by Ken Medema and Cathy Chamblee, this very accessible S.S.A.T.T.B. anthem is supported by a lyrical flowing piano accompaniment. Useful in many different worship settings, your choir will enjoy challenging your congregation to take up the call of the Spirit in their lives. Because this anthem was composed during the pandemic, a performance recording is unavailable, but you may get to know this anthem through the free MIDI-generated recording available on this website. Learn More

  10. Listening People
    By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

    Singing about our ancient lineage of prayer: the people of God listen carefully for God's voice. A song for Prayer for Illumination, Gospel Acclamation, Communal Prayer or moment of Discernment. Learn More