Attention Church Camp Directors and Song Leaders!!

CMP is offering a special 2018 Church Camp Membership
The $125 Church Camp Discounted Membership means...
Every song on the CMP site is yours to download and use for 1 year!
In addition to songs specifically written for singing at camp...

New Songs Written Specifically for the 2018 "Beyond Belief" Camp Curriculum are now available on the CMP Site!

To find the songs written for "Beyond Belief," go to the home page of this site and select the "Beyond Belief" 2018 Camp Curriculum category. You'll find the daily themes and Scriptures listed and when you select the daily themes you will see the song(s) written for that day. Enjoy!

  • You'll find songs indexed by topic, Scripture, musical style, and more so that you can find exactly what you need for a specific moment and context at camp.
  • Some fun songs for kids and teens that also have biblically based meanings…
  • Beautiful new songs with depth and meaning that will help your daily Scriptures and themes come to life…
  • Imagine… you just might discover the perfect song to use when you’re tempted to default to good old, “Sanctuary” !! (we all love “Sanctuary” but you know, we need more songs that serve the same function!)

(This special offer ends August 1st, 2018)