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The Convergence Music Project (CMP)

Welcome to the Convergence Music Project! 
As of our targeted launch date of August 1, 2016 we have been officially open for business!

We are still ironing out a few wrinkles on the site however so if you have any trouble completing sales please know that we are working hard to correct these glitches and please email or call us and let us know if you are having any problems.  We will greatly appreciate this!

We’re delighted you’ve found your way to the CMP site, and eager to help you understand what this new company is about and what we have to offer you. We’re in the beginning stage of this launch and will be implementing our overall vision in phases. Please view the “Convergence Music Project" video on the Home page of this site or on YouTube for an overview of what CMP is all about.

In this first phase of our launch we are offering an “Early Adopter Membership.”   Please read all about it to learn what this initial membership involves, but in a nut shell it's a package of 15 songs in Mp3, lead sheet, and piano arrangement formats, 5 additional bundles of songs from our site of your choosing, MANY value added features such as webinars and video interviews, discounted "member prices" on all product downloads, and an invitation to participate in a beta testing group that will communicate with CMP founders and leaders and help us fine tune our pricing, product offerings, and overall way of doing business as we enter the marketplace.
Please know that you do not need to be a member in order to beginning using this sight immediately!  You are warmly welcomed and encouraged to purchase and download all of our songs and related products whether or not you become a member. You’ll just pay a “general public” price for downloads that will be higher than what members pay.
Our Early Adopter Membership is being offered for purchase until December 1, 2016 and the membership lasts until December 31, 2016.  After December 1, 2016 we will begin offering Annual Subscription Memberships.  At that point Early Adopter Members will be given the opportunity to become Annual Subscription members, and the price they have paid to become Early Adopters can be used toward the first year’s Annual Subscription. The full details and features of this Annual Subscription Membership will be impacted by feedback we receive from our Early Adopter Members, so some details (including exact pricing) are still in process. But for an overview of what CMP’s Annual Subscription will include, please click here for a description of the Annual Subscription Membership.

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If you have questions or thoughts about anything connected to CMP, please contact us through the contact tab on this site. You can also be in touch by visiting our Facebook Page and joining the conversations that are already happening there. Our Official Launch Date: August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 is the date we are targeting for our official launch, which means that our initial product offering will be available for purchase by then and our website will feature some of the songs and artists we are most enthused to promote as we bring CMP to the marketplace.
Thanks so much for checking us out and we’ll look forward to hearing from you and to providing you and your community with some amazing new songs to help you “sing your faith” with passion, integrity, and joy.
Bryan Sirchio and the CMP organizing team